The Kickoff contains a lot of information that can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the game. For 2018, our PDF version is now 6 pages! The following is an explanation of the type of features you can expect when subscribing to our college football newsletter:

In Season

  • Kickoff Thermostat, Overall Stats through Week 14, Kickoff Top 25, & Last Week’s Top 25

    Our kickoff Thermostat gives you the quick overview of who’s trending up or down in the world of college football. These bite-sized bits of information bring you instantly up to speed and reflect the things people are talking about around the water cooler. If there’s some controversy in the sport, you get the bottom line here in a format that fits your busy lifestyle.

    Overall Stats give you a larger perspective on how the home and road favorites have performed throughout the season against the spread. Spot the trends that can be missed in the headlines.

    Our Kickoff Top 25 paints a quick picture of where the schools and conferences stand, listing their win-loss record so far in the season, along with their respective Kickoff Power Ratings. It typically appears next to a recap of last week’s Top 25 so you can make quick comparisons from week-to-week. One bad performance can upset the whole apple cart.

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  • Kickoffs for This Week’s games, Games of the Week, & Team Scores

    The difference in Power Ratings hint at likely margins of victory in the week’s upcoming games. Although any team can lose on any given day, it is possible to prognosticate within reason that a certain outcome is probable based on a number of factors that go into objectively analyzing the teams for our Power Ratings. Teams do evolve as a season progresses; as game results come in over several weeks, the ratings are effectively calibrated.

    Our Games of the Week look at the headliner games that you don’t want to miss, comparing the teams’ history and average scores at home, on the road, and on neutral ground.

    Inside The Kickoff, we list the records of EVERY FBS team every week, not just the bigger teams that dominate the highlight shows. This handy reference shows you, at a glance, where each school stands at the same point in the season. Use this reference to plan weeks ahead and factor in the difficulties in schedules, etc.

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  • News, Notes, Football Subdivision Standings, Kickoff Trivia, & 16 Years Ago This Date

    The Football Bowl Subdivision Standings rank the teams within their Conferences, complete with our Power Ratings.

    News and Notes highlights the superlatives, last week’s upsets, and notable performances. Two new pages (PDF edition only) give insight into information against the spread to assist in making weekly picks.

    We like to have some fun too. We include features like “The 1990s Revisited” to see how changes in college football affected the final rankings. Kickoff Trivia gives readers a chance to flex their mental muscle and show us their knowledge of the game and history. Look back in time with a quick statistical snapshot of the past and see if you remember where you were when…

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  • Coaching Change Alert & Power Ratings Spread

    The faces and names can change swiftly in college football. When big changes and shakeups occur, we include alerts so you know what to be aware of headed into the week’s games.

    You can’t always assume that a traditional football powerhouse is going to run away with an easy win. Our Power Ratings give you perspective to know how the match-ups are likely to play out. For example, in week 4 of 2014, Auburn edged Kansas State in what turned out to be a thrilling game of two offensive geniuses (Bill Snyder versus Gus Malzahn) in Manhattan, Kansas. The Tigers had been tabbed a 13-point road favorite, but our power rating more accurately reflected both the closeness between the two teams as far as talent and which school eventually won. Auburn, 20-14.

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  • Post Season Results, Sample of Bowl Results, & Looking Ahead

    We follow the teams through the Post Season with Bowl recaps that are more than just final scores and final records. Our Power ratings look at how the teams matched up statistically. We’ve produced decades worth of newsletters, documenting the history of college football programs through highs and lows. Our post season coverage is not only a chance to see how your picks performed over the last several months, but it can also be a keepsake when your favorite team goes all the way.

    The Kickoff gives you, at a glance, the scoring by quarters and the passing, rushing and receiving leaders for both teams. We also document which players and coaches win which awards in the post season because braggin’ rights extend beyond the regular season.

    After the bowl games, we also look ahead to the next year with predictions that set the stage for expectations to come.

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Off Season

  • Heisman Candidates, Breakout Players, & Preseason Injury Report

    As the new season approaches, The Kickoff equips you with insight into who’s expected to make an impact so you can keep an eye on them from the first snap to celebrating the game-winning Touch Down. Compare the Preseason Kickoff All Americans with the Heisman hopefuls to get a sense of the superstars you’ll want to watch carefully.

    We look back on who had a breakout year the season before — and now carries the weight of lofty expectations headed into a new campaign.

    Our Preseason Injury Report lets you know which players are out of action and for how long because one missing piece of leadership can change the whole character of a team and thrust brand new stars into the spotlight.

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  • FBS Coaching Changes, Top 10 High School Quarterbacks, & NFL Draft: Early Entrants

    Even in February, we have football on our brains. In the six issues we produce during the off-season, we bring you the FBS Coaching Changes, the number of prospects signed, and rank the top recruiting classes and prospects. We break down the Top 10 high school prospects by position so you know what needs the top teams are hoping to fill with these talented young men. That’s part of what makes college football great: the anticipation of what can be achieved with the right talent, team chemistry and coaching. We predict which prospects have the potential to be future stars, elevate programs, or at least contribute right away.

    After each regular season, some of the sport’s top talents will leave to pursue their dreams of playing professionally at the next level. Just as we show you the future high school and JUCO stars in the making, the Kickoff reports on which players won’t be around to help their teams in the fall. We also enhance your enjoyment of NFL games by letting you know where your favorite college players may end up in the fall.

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