College football fans

Are you excited about college football? Are you ready to make your picks?

Can you feel it? That buzz of excitement in the air?

With August just around the corner and the new season starting in five weeks, college football players are visiting their hometowns and resting before they report on campus to start the grueling fall practices. Soon they’ll be back in classrooms, weight rooms and practice facilities getting their bodies and minds in the right place to prepare. College football will be here before we know it!

“All eyes are on Ohio State, Alabama and Oregon as they choose quarterbacks,” said Tommy Duff, Editor of The Kickoff. “This is so important because you can’t win championships without a leader.”

Fans can’t predict how the final rankings might end up without arming themselves with some knowledge. That’s where The Kickoff comes in.

The Kickoff is historically the most accurate over the long haul when you compare Top 25 picks at the start of the season and the final rankings,” said Tommy Duff, Editor of the newsletter that publishes 17 weekly issues during football season and 6 additional monthly issues the remainder of the year. The newsletter has had some skin in the game of covering college football since 1951.

Bert Caldwell of The Kickoff said fan frenzy for college football is about to go into overdrive as people look ahead to their tailgating plans and mark their “can’t miss” games on the calendar. Soon the grills will be lit, cold drinks in the cooler, and our bodies decorated in T-shirts declaring our allegiance. What a fun time of year…

“We, as fans, most of us are looking for that edge when we make our weekly picks,” Caldwell said. “You don’t want to go into the season without The Kickoff.”

Now is also a great time to prepare by taking advantage of The Kickoff’s Preseason Special: Buy 1 First Class or PDF subscription and get one free PDF subscription for a time. It’s a great way to build goodwill with a buddy who loves the game as much as you do, but it’s only around for a limited time.

This fall, some fans will participate in office pools for entertainment purposes, seeing who has the best grasp on how the season will shake out for top teams and their favorite conferences. It’s fun to compare records week-to-week, seeing which of our friends and coworkers were right on target with their choices. There’s those who casually watch, then there’s the rest of us who make our picks public on social media or among our circle of friends, forcing us to lock in our choices with no backtracking when things are looking grim in the third quarter.

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved.”
– Urban Meyer

“Braggin’ rights” are at stake, and who doesn’t want to be admired by others for our keen insight into the game? It sure beats getting teased on Monday for lousy picks. Maybe you go a step further, daring a friend to perform some embarrassing stunt in public if he loses. Who knew that wearing the jersey of your hated rival hurt while being taunted all day at work would sting that much? Remember when you struggle over whether to be loyal to your alma mater despite their not being favored to win that Facebook photos and tattoos are forever.

The Kickoff’s “Power Ratings” consider different factors for arriving at a numerical prognostication of how different match-ups should fare, making the newsletter a useful resource for choosing weekly picks — definitely more helpful than just trusting a “gut feeling”, trying to read the tea leaves from news stories or simply assuming that a traditional football powerhouse is going to run away with an easy win over a lesser known foe.

The Kickoff is a great resource for previewing the games ahead and getting bite-sized bits of data on the games just played. Right at a glance, you can get scores, compare team records, see the highlighted superlatives, and quickly determine who’s hot and who is cold with the “Kickoff Thermostat” – just what you need when Friday rolls around and you’re reminded to turn in your picks for the week. Many of these features are illustrated on the website at .

On September 3rd, it will all begin anew, with every team in America having an equal shot at the national championship until the first kickoff return starts to separate the real contenders from the rest of the pack. Where will you be when the winners and the losers are sorted out?

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