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When You Subscribe

When You Subscribe


  • You get concise, easy to find details about every team in the universe of college football, including Season Schedules and Results, as well as Statistics and Subdivision Standings.
  • We tell you who the favorites are at home and on the road.
  • Our Power Ratings use a statistical formula to rank the teams and can be a powerful tool for prognosticating the outcomes.
  • We tell you the key matchups so you save time discovering which games to tune into.
  • We also include unique articles of interest and entertaining trivia.
  • The Kickoff is your secret weapon to arm yourself with knowledge so you have an opportunity to improve your performance in fantasy sports leagues and gain a competitive advantage when talking sports with your buddies and rivals.
  • The Kickoff is affordable.
Accuracy & Insight Matter

Accuracy & Insight Matter


If College football is your passion, The Kickoff is an important tool for expanding your knowledge about the teams and their progress as the season goes forward. It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, but you can impress your friends and coworkers with your uncanny insights into the game. They’ll be asking you for your opinion before choosing their picks on Fridays. The Kickoff puts the vital information you need at a glance, along with abbreviated commentary that digs a little deeper, making it fast and easy to study up on the weekend’s most anticipated matchups and the controversies that make the sport so much fun to follow.

Think of The Kickoff as your secret weapon. We’ve earned our reputation as one of the most accurate sources for NCAA football scores, records, relevant statistics, and unique articles of interest.

More Than Just a Game

More Than Just a Game


Some of us just know that football is more than just a mere game. It’s a war fought year after year, each winning season added like a brick to the foundation of greatness. College football invokes school pride as you get skin in the game and hope against hope to win bragging rights. You know when to talk big and dread when you must eat crow.

Even when the cleats are put away in the winter chill, you have the pigskin on the brain, tuned in to recruiting and the anticipation of a clean slate when every team in the country heads potentially toward glory. You relish the autumn, following the Cinderella stories and eagerly tuning in to watch the champions clash like gladiators. Who will rise and who will fall? You eat and breathe this stuff…

Does this sound like you? Then you’re the kind of reader for The Kickoff

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