How to Bet on College Football

In may of 2018 the United States Supreme Court struck down PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), the federal law put in place to ban single-game wagering across the country. After the law was struck down, each state was left to set up its own rules for online sports betting until the time that Congress passes a new law on the subject. As a direct result of this, online betting has exploded in the United States, allowing sports fans to bet on just about any game that they could desire. With all of this new betting traffic coming onto the market, people are looking for a way to find an edge on the odds and maximize the amount of money that they win from any given bet. Luckily, The Kickoff is here to help betters with one of the hardest sports to successfully bet on – college football.

Multiple websites have sprung up to host online betting. College football is unique when compared to other sports in the betting landscape due to its massive fanbase and the size of the conferences. Division 1 college football alone has 11 conferences, meaning that there are plenty of odds and betting opportunities to choose from during any given season.

How Does the Kickoff Help With College Football Betting?

While there are many publications out there that will claim that they can help you make better decisions when placing bets on college football games, we believe that The Kickoff offers a unique look at college football statistics by providing proprietary power rankings and insightful predictions. Utilizing in-house formulas, the latest news on various teams, and our own special flare, our team is able to put together predictions on which teams are going to win which games, what to look out for in future games, and the likelihood that certain teams are going to make it to bowl games over others.

What Betting Options are Available for College Football?

When looking for ways to bet on college football games, there are multiple avenues to choose from. Some of the most popular betting options include:

Moneyline – Probably the simplest way to bet, moneyline betting has you select a team that you believe will win a matchup and place money on them securing the victory. For example, if the University of Georgia is playing Georgia Tech and you choose Georgia to win, you get paid if the Bulldogs pull off a victory.

Totals – When betting the totals (also called the over/under), a better will need to decide if the total number of combined points in the game will be over or under the oddsmaker’s selected number. By its very nature, college football games typically result in a greater number of points scored than the NFL because the clock stops after every first down, players only need one foot inbounds for a catch to count as a touchdown, and the level of play is much more volatile. NCAAF betting totals will usually be within the 55- to 70-point range, but can go higher if the oddsmaker feels the game will be a high-scoring affair due to a star running back or a particularly weak defense getting matched up to a top-tier offense.

Point Spread – Spread betting, one of the most popular forms of betting, gives the underdog in the matchup a set amount that they can’t lose by. Conversely, the favored team is given an amount that they must win by. For example, the spread odds between Auburn and Alabama may look something like this:

Auburn -6.5

Alabama +6.5

In this example, Auburn would need to win by seven or more points to cover the spread. On the opposite end, Alabama would need to not lose by more than seven points or win the game to cover. Because of the nature of college football games, spreads can often be very large.

Futures – In college football, everything is heavily centered on the Division 1 championship game. However, some sportsbooks offer other futures odds such as the Heisman Trophy winner or conference champions. For example, you could bet on which two teams you think will make it to the Rose Bowl or who will take the Big Ten championship.

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